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Gem London – Designer Jewellery For Every Mood & Occasion

There’s something very special about finding the perfect piece of jewellery. Whether it’s a show-stopping necklace, bold bracelet or dazzling ring; the right jewellery has the power to transform your whole outfit – instantly adding a touch of glamour and boosting your confidence.

Our Story

As a child I loved rummaging through my mum’s jewellery box; experimenting with different combinations. For me jewellery was not only beautiful but also lots of fun. 

As I grew older, my love of jewellery remained strong. I wanted to share my passion with women everywhere and so I created GEM LONDON – the online jewellery boutique for women who want to make a statement.

Through GEM LONDON, my aim is to offer a range of affordable yet luxurious pieces for women who love to stand out from the crowd. In particular, I want to make finding the right jewellery a fun and easy experience with the convenience of browsing and buying online.

I’m constantly seeking exciting new additions for our collection and love finding special pieces to share with you. The result is a collection of distinctive jewellery in a wide variety of colours and shapes so you can find the piece that’s perfect for you.

Rupinder [founder, GEM LONDON]

Shop with Confidence

Our online boutique provides an easy and convienient way to shop. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted and packaged in our luxury GEM LONDON jewellery boxes.

We focus on providing designer, high-quality jewellery combined with exceptional customer service, allowing you to shop with confidence.

Take a look through our jewellery range and find your perfect statement piece today.